I’m the sort of hungry where I feel like I’ll be sick if I don’t eat soon. Chicken nuggets, why are you so far away? I generally go to lunch at 1 – I might have to go earlier today.

Started rereading my novel last night. There are parts that are just astoundingly bad (c’mon, I needed 50,000 words!) – and other parts that take my breath away. It’s so personal and tacky and, oh, I don’t know. I wish it were more, just like I wish my blog were more – but it’s the story that was in my heart – and contrived as it is, I’m proud of it.

The move is almost done. I cleaned our stuff out of the attic last night while N checked on Eva. I wanted to go over there but it didn’t feel right. We have an astounding amount of garbage – hope Landlord Mark doesn’t get charged extra for it! I have one more load for my car – just some small boxes and the cleaning supplies. Strange to think we’ll be done with it tonight. Nate has to arrange to have the Jeep towed – and I have to figure out how to put our bikes in my car or just ride them over – and that’s it. I don’t feel the same sort of grief I felt when we left 130 – but then we were only here a year.

I’m wearing my favorite purple peasanty shirt today. I found it in the attic on Sunday – hoorah! This morning as I was getting dressed I remembered the first time I wore it to work – I was still at Barnes & Noble – I wore this top with a broomstick black skirt and a pentacle – my hair was still long long – Aron commented that I was a witchy-woman, very Stevie Nicks. Not sure why that’s stuck with me – memories like that make me miss the heyday of the bookstore.


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