What a long moving weekend.

Many thanks to the following people for all their help:
Mary J, who has known us at all our houses
Nicole & Allan, who got the mattress up the stairs when it seemed nearly impossible
Chuck & Cousin Joe
Krist & Pook for beer, packing, and comic relief
Sarah, who helped us pack
Small punk neighbor Clay & his cadamite Matt
Jen, the ultimate porch monkey
Rachel, who babysat the house when we were waiting for the fridge
and of course to Joe, who was there the whole time and did so so so so much to help.

Closing went well, despite the fact that we were late. After the title co/mortgage co mix up, we decided to just go early. We went for our walk-through, then went to the title co, where we were told the closing was at 11. N and I went to breakfast, then got back at 10:20 to discover that everyone was wrong and that the closing was actually at 10. UGH. Oh well, we signed the paperwork and got everything taken care of.

The move was relatively uneventful. Lots of bodies meant lighter work. Joe, Mary, Nicole & Allan helped on Friday with moving the packed boxes and our bed. Allan and Nate had to FORCE the mattress up the stairs. Thank God for strong boys. My mom brought us lunch, and Nate’s parents stopped by in the evening. Nate’s parents it’s “not bad for a starter house.” We’re not entirely sure what they mean by that, but our theory is that we just don’t have enough marble. Jen also thought they might be referring to our lack of clay tennis courts. Sorry to disappoint. We made a run to Home Depot and Wal-Mart, then crashed for the night. I can’t remember the last time I was that exhausted.

Saturday I unpacked the kitchen and waited around for the cable guy to show up while Nate went to rescue carless Joe. The cable guy didn’t show – I really think he went to SOUTH Chicago Ave as the company said he came, knocked, rang the doorbell, then left a door tag saying he’d been there. We have a lot of doors – but there’s no note and I KNOW I would’ve heard someone knocking or ringing the bell. Now we won’t have cable til 7/26. Ugh. To add insult to injury, our phone which was to be switched on Saturday wasn’t done – it’s to be done today, I guess. We were HOPPING MAD. Rachel came over and babysat the house so Nate and Joe could pack and I could run errands – then the fridge showed up. I nearly cried with joy – after two cancelled service calls, it was almost too much to hope for that the fridge would come. 🙂 More moving in the afternoon and evening – all the big furniture is there. Chuck & Cousin Joe helped – I watched Christopher, who is totally enamored with ceiling fans. Nate & Joe rescued the neighbors’ escaped pitbull, who ended up staying with us overnight as her owners weren’t home. Chinese food for dinner, then Jen, George, and Tina stopped by. We sat out on the porch til 12:30, then we HAD to crash.

Sunday morning was really, really nice. We took the dog for a walk – I had a cup of tea – the sun was shining and the neighborhood was waking up. It hit me – this is OUR house now. This is OUR neighborhood now. This is OUR life now! Funny how a little thing like a walk with a rescued dog will bring those things home. Nate picked up Joe, then Krist & Erika came over around noon to help. Mom, Pop, & Eric brought us lunch – I felt horribly rude eating while Krist & Erika watched – but we were hungry! 😦 We got a lot done – Erika & I packed, then the boys helped unpack. We spent the greater part of the afternoon cracking up at stories so bizarre that if they weren’t coming from Krist, we simply wouldn’t believe them. The kitties arrived – they’re not really sure of their surroundings, but I’m sure they’ll be OK. The Lindens made the (long – ha) trip over for ice cream – then we crashed.

So we’re in. Lots to do still – piles and cleaning and so much work – but the house is ours. Frankly, I can’t tell you how nice it is to sit on my bum and not be walking up and down stairs.


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