I’m just exhausted. It’s 6am and I’m wide awake – and this never happens. I’m the one that can’t be dragged out of bed until 45 minutes before I have to be somewhere, if then. I guess I’m just stressing about the move.

Sarah came over and helped us pack last night – we made lots of progress! The kitchen is all but empty, as is the bathroom and the big big closet. Most of what remains in the attic is already packed – or large enough that it doesn’t need a box. Our landing is completely full of boxes. I have to make a box raid today – I still have many of the boxes from Nicole; however many of them are just too too large for heavy things like books and paper and pots and pans.

So if we’re in such good shape, why am I stressing? I think it’s the money thing more than anything else. I know we can afford this house – we thought long and hard and budgeted to make sure of it – but now that we’re actually down to it, my stomach is doing a few flips at the thought of a lifetime of debt. And I’m sure we’ll be fine once we make it through the first couple of months – but it’s the start up that’s freaking me right now. Paying for the truck, the fridge, the cable installation, the paint or wallpaper. Refilling our now nearly empty fridge and freezer (aftermath of the storm more than anything). Homeowners, how do you get over this? Do you just grit your teeth and know you’ll make it through?

Ah well. I should be using this time to get more packing done.

P.S. Yesterday was my 200th entry. Just thought I’d share.


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