long day

Happy Birthday Sarah! Sarah and I have been friends for nearly 9 years – it’ll be 9 years on the 27th. Today is her 23rd birthday and she is celebrating it by closing on her new house with her fabbo roommate Hannah. Congrats!. Happy Birthday also to my friend Nicole! She is also 23 and brought her adorable daughter in to work today. Fun!

Speaking of work, it’s been a long, long day. The computers were down for about half the day – 8:30-1, then 2-2:30. Boring. I finished the new Fine Cooking, which includes an article about mojitos! Never heard of them until a couple of weeks ago – and now they’re everywhere!

More storming this morning – apparently the storm on Saturday was a derecho, according to the weather guy on NPR. Every time I have to go outside, a super monsoon kicks in. Ridiculous.

Dinner last night was magnificent. We were going to make fajitas – until I forgot the chicken. Instead Nate, Eva, and I went to Taco Loco and had remarkable Mexican food. I had cactus tacos and a big plate of the best guacamole I’ve ever had. Nate had steak tacos and nachos, and Eva had a goat taco, a cactus taco, and a beef tamale. So SO good. Taco Loco isn’t in the best neighborhood – but the food MORE than makes up for it.

Got some packing done last night – mainly the dishes and a few things from the pantry. I can’t wait to be done.

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