still no power

Things to be thankful about:

  • Running water
  • Shelter from the storm
  • Functioning phone lines
  • Money in the checkbook
  • Cars that aren’t crushed
  • Friends and family with AC
  • Great neighbors
  • Let’s just say that this weekend could’ve been A LOT worse.

    Friday was our 4th of July party – we sweated our collective arses off. The food was excellent – fresh fruit, pasta salads, bruschetta eaten as salsa, spinach dip, mushrooms, burgers, and brats. Eva and I figured out mojitos and drank a pitcher or two. People came and went all afternoon – our friends, Chuck’s friends, family, etc. Krist & Erika no longer across the sea even came! Eva, Hannah, and I had a nice nap in the late afternoon – we were all drowsy and the futon just called our names. I sat in the hot tub way too long and thought my heart was going to explode. I also tried to crack my head open on a doorframe but managed to survive.

    The storm hit very early Saturday morning – winds like a freight train, a flash of green light (he who must not be named?), and trees down everywhere. N and I ran outside along with many of our neighbors to assess the damage. Nothing MAJOR in our neighborhood – by that I mean no holes in houses, etc. Trees were down everywhere, including on Nate’s work car. Of all the cars on the street, his was the best one to hit. No damage to mine or any of the other neighbor friends – including Mary A’s brand new car parked three spots in front of Nate. Lots of clean up confusion as it was 4:30 and still raining and pitch black – but nice to see all the neighbors out working together. The power outage continued through the day – lots of time spent sitting around in our underwear drinking cool things and hoping we’d have power soon. No damage to the new house – just one small limb down. WHEW. The rest of the neighborhood didn’t fare as well – lots of trees down, lots of streets totally inaccessible. Mom & Pop have 5-6 BIG trees down but no damage to the house. Dinner with Joe, Hannah, and Eva – then Trivial Pursuit. Despite snide comments and much shaking of the pieces, Hannah and I were triumphant. We slept OK as long as we didn’t touch.

    Still no power on Sunday – N had the match at Pine Tree, so I went back to sleep for several hours. Went swimming at my parents with Eva – nice to be in the cold water, even if it was cloudy and chemically. We picked up Happy Wok for dinner, packed a few boxes, then sat around on Jen’s porch for an hour or two with Clay and Jen’s friend Devin. This is what I’ll miss when we move – sitting around with neighbor friends til all hours of the night just shooting the shit. Tried to sleep but it was too hot so Nate and I ended up sleeping out on the porch.

    It was raining again this morning when I left, so we’ll see if the power is on any time today. I know ComEd is just swamped and is doing all they can, so I’m trying not to complain. At least we can bathe – that’s more than some of my parents’ neighbors can do.

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