They are assembling fucking cubicles right behind my desk. It is ridiculously loud, making it impossible to hear the customers on the phone or to concentrate on anything other than my now-raging headache. I wasn’t too hungover when I woke up this morning – but I’m certainly hurting now. I think I’m going to take 15 minutes to read about changeling badgers and hope the noise goes away.

drunken blogging

Theory #1 regarding what Elizabeth’s been doing with her free time: writing for CosmoGirl under the name Mark Montano.. Sorry guys, it isn’t me. He did hit the party dead on, though – spin the bottle, fondue, heads on sticks, etc.

A quality evening. Food was terrific, Ria brought a Linos’ salad – yum – and Dan and Scandalous Pants brought Schmitt Sohne Riesling. Trivial Pursuit was long and drawn out but terrific fun as usual. Dan beat me – that’s a first – well, a third. Erik beat me a few times and Steph’s beat me once (I think). All in all, a good time.

Wow, I’m surprisingly coherent for drunken blogging. Should try this more often! Well, off to send drunk emails. Yum. To get on my drunk email list, drop me a line.


It is hot out. I suppose that’s sort of a given as it is June and I am in the Midwest, but it’s just hot out. Not overwhelmingly sweltering – that comes later – just the damp hot of the first few days of summer. The solstice is this weekend – I suppose I shouldn’t have expected any less. At least I have an excuse to wear my new dress – black with flowers and thin straps and a floaty sheer thing. I love it.
Tonight am making Spaghetti with Sweet Cherry Tomatoes, Marjoram, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Happy Days with the Naked Chef. I heart Jamie Oliver. yum… Anyway, Nate’s not enthused but I think it will be good – light and cheap – on a hot night like tonight.
Our closing is set for 10:00am on Friday, 11 July. I’m wicked excited. Shit, gotta call the inspector. More from me later.


There is a very strong chance that today I will literally be bored to death.

A fun game. Dan beat it. I didn’t.

Getting somewhere with Villa Incognito. I went from people having sex with their siblings to people having sex with shape-shifting badgers. Man, do I have weird taste.

Tonight: shrimp on the barbie, cleaning, and ice cream? Tomorrow: day off, replete with a trip to the post office, more cleaning, garage sale prep, and not-pub quiz at my house with Ria, Dan, and Ms Scandalous Pants.

Why is there a cop in my office?


monday monday

I will attribute this funk to it being Monday. I don’t have any other explanation. I’m just exhausted and all I want to do is go home, eat spaghetti, and spend time with my husband.

I hate the show American Idol because so many people are willing to vote for something that doesn’t mean a damn thing yet they refuse to vote in government elections. I couldn’t agree more. That hadn’t occured to me, but now it’s making me SO angry.

Had a dream recently that I slept with someone new – and then overheard him telling a mutual friend that “she was really good, as long as you didn’t look at her body.” I don’t remember anything about the sex in the dream, so I didn’t even have the consolation of a good time. I woke up feeling dirty and awful. I haven’t been able to quite shake that thought. I guess all the reassurance in the world won’t change the things your mind says in the darker hours.

One more hour and I can go home.


My ebay auctions have ended. Total amount earned = $35.98. Total costs (shipping, confirmation, ebay fees) = 28.56 (approx). Net gain = $7.42. Hmm, that was almost worth it. Oh well, that’s $7.42 I didn’t have yesterday.

Sometimes Madison seems like another world. Nate and I sat at a window table at the Nepali restaurant, watching passersby, people on bikes and skates in the middle of the street, other diners eating at tables out on the sidewalk. It was just – I don’t know. It’s the sort of thing I miss about London, about Paris, about Europe in general. Being able to sit there and watch life go by, so to speak. I’ve been thinking about Spain a lot, thanks to the Picasso book. Don’t know where I’m going with that – I’ve just been thinking about it.

Somehow I ended up with a bizarre sunburn. We went to this car show with Nate’s parents yesterday – my top had a keyhole neckline, and I was wearing a big pendant. It now looks like I’m wearing a sunburn necklace. Good times. Just wish my shoulders would stop burning. At least we got a swim in with my parents.

Not much else to report. I’m working Saturday, so I have to work longer hours today – 8-6. Blah. I’m anxious to get out of here and just go home.

harebrained scheme

In preparation for our latested harebrained scheme, we went bike shopping today at Erik’s Bike Shop in Madison. Why do I need an entry level race bike? Because Nate and I have decided to do the RAGBRAI next July and need to start training. Part of the preparation involves getting gear, as neither of us have bikes. We picked up a $20 bike for Nate at a garage sale today – it’s not the best, but it’s something to train on until we get his bike. I’m getting a Specialized Allez Sport. Pretty incredible. I rode it around the parking lot, scraped my shin up, and didn’t fall off – a good start! Tomorrow I’m borrowing a street bike from my parents so I can train until the real thing arrives in a few months. I’m wicked excited – and wicked out of shape. I’m looking forward to the changes in my body that miles and miles of riding will bring.

After Erik’s, we went to the zoo. I haven’t been there in at least a year – it was a lot of fun, despite the fact that by the time we got to the big cats and monkeys were already back inside as the zoo as closing. We went down to State Street and wandered around for a while. I bought a dress and a skirt for $10 at Ragstock, then we had dinner at this Nepali restaurant. Yum. I haven’t been there in years – and it was every bit as good as I remembered. Now we’re just having a mellow evening at home, which is totally cool with me. Happy Saturday!