Oak Park was a fucking blast. I had a terrific time with Newman and her friends – it was so nice to just hang out. We went swimming, did part of the Frank Lloyd Wright tour (complete with running through sprinklers), ate some good food, and just chilled. Her gato is adorable and her apartment really suits her. I’m glad she’s happy with where she’s at, for the most part. It’s a start, at least.

And tomorrow Eva and I leave for Iowa City. I’m nervous but it should be fun. My family is all very eager to see us. We’re going to Shakespeare in the Park one night – Midsummer’s Night’s Dream.

Tonight I got some super fab geisha sandals for $8 – wel, they were supposed to be $8 but rang up at like $12. Argh. Guess I get to run back to Target in the morning. I also get to have an oil change – my “service engine soon” light came on yesterday when I left, so I’ve spent the last 36 hours panicking about that. I’m sure it’ll be fine – I just want to make sure all that I can do is put in order.

Well, bedtime calls – I hate sleeping away from Nate and I won’t see him until Monday. 😦 Sleeping next to her will be wonderful, though not the same. I’m not sure if our place will have internet access or not (gasp, I can’t live without it), so I may be away for a few days. If you’re bored, please refer to my links on the right (or read Harry Potter, dammit). 🙂


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