oak park

Missed a day yesterday – sorry. About mid-morning I decided that if I stayed at my (hot and humid) apartment, I would be required to Get Things Done – so instead I went to my parents’, did laundry, and swam for most of the afternoon. No funny sunburns this time, just free lunch from A Movable Feast, free laundry (even though I ruined one of Nate’s shirts), and water and sun.

We watched Swimming with Sharks last night after a second friend recommended it, saying it was hilarious. About halfway through the movie, I asked Nate if he wanted to turn it off cos it was depressing me. At the end of the movie, we both looked at each other and said “Did we watch the right movie?”. I saw nothing funny about it – and the reviews I just read on amazon seem to agree with our reaction. About half the people who reviewed the movie loved it; the other half were dismayed. Maybe we missed the punchline?

The garage sale ended up decent. I made $23.25 – I owe Mary J some money for the ad, which I completely forgot to give her yesterday. I’ll have to pay her the next time I see her. We loaded up my car with all the Salvation Army stuff – I drive a Nissan Sentra – a reasonable sized car – and it is packed to the roof with stuff. It didn’t help that I haven’t unloaded the computer stuff from my trunk – but really, there wasn’t much left to go, so I’m not too worried.

Today I’m headed to Oak Park to see Newman. I’ve been to her new place, but never for more than half an hour when we were picking her up or dropping her off. It’ll be nice to see her ‘hood and meet some of her friends.

Oh, and I got Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixEva loaned me her copy as she’s already done. It’s soooo good, and I’m just on chapter 4. I can’t believe it’s here already – but then I’ve been anxiously waiting for it since 2000, when I read all four books in a week. I can’t believe there are just two left!!!

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