One of these “vacation” days I hope to sleep in. Maybe tomorrow. In about 20 minutes I need to leave to go help Mary J with the garage sale. It’ll be nice to be outside – but I’m worried about bugs and sunburn. This time at least I’ll be prepared. 🙂 I hope my crap is selling – we’ve got SO much computer stuff at SUCH rock bottom prices – I mean, an entire Mac (granted it’s 6-7 years old) for $20. Who WOULDN’T buy a fully functioning maybe first computer for $20? I hope it all goes. The more that sells, the more spending money I have on my vacation. It sucks to be ghetto poor – it’s even worse when you’re on vacation. Oh well, I get paid on Friday, and I’ll just have to do free fun things until then.

Last night was a bust. We wanted to have a spontaneous solstice gala event – but Nate didn’t get home from Area 5 until almost 8 – and it would’ve been ridiculous to try to put something together at that point – it takes half an hour to get the pool ready, we’d get eaten alive, etc. So instead we scraped up a couple of bucks, I made an Uncle Nick’s run, Nate picked up Joe, and we sat around and watched a movie. Nate couldn’t figure out why I was in a mood – and how do I come right out and say “I wanted to go do something but we’re too damned broke!!!!”?

Ah well, this rant went a bit long and now I have like five minutes to take a shower and go. Enjoy the weather and HAPPY SUMMER!


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