Hope no one’s put off by the loooong entries. If you are, well, watch out cos I’m working on 100 things. I’m at work until 3, I’ve already read all my everyday blogs, none of my good friends are working – or online for that matter – with the exception of Eva, who goes home in an hour and a half. BORED. That’s becoming a bit of a theme, eh?

As of 3:01pm, I am ON VACATION. Woooooo. Tonight’s plans include packing up my office (home, not work), as I think I can achieve that in an afternoon – and then that’s less work next week. Nate’s running a match all day, so he won’t be home til early evening, when I think we’re going to have a spontaneous Solstice gala. We wanted to use my parents’ pool, but I don’t know if that’ll work out cos they’re coming home tonight. Tomorrow I’m helping Mary J with the garage sale, then relaxing. Maybe I’ll get rid of this wacky suntan. I’m supposed to go see Newman on Tuesday, but I haven’t heard anything from her, so I don’t know if that’s happening.

I am SO looking forward to NOT being at work. It’s not that I don’t like what I do – it just gets to be a bit much at times. It should be a fun couple of weeks in online support – I’m gone this week, Dan’s gone next, then we’re back a week, then conversion. Aaaah! The only thing I’m really bummed about work-wise is that the new (and hot) guy starts on Monday and I won’t get to see him. 🙂

I’m listening to Haunted and remembering all the weekends in the car driving up to Wausau to see Eva, windows down, smoking and singing, watching the fields fly by. I’m glad I don’t have to make that drive any more, but once in a while it was nice to just get in the car and go.

And Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes out today. Eva already has hers and I’m wicked jealous. I didn’t preorder it cos I always get my kids’ books at Wonderland – it’s a loyalty thing – and now that the day has come, I don’t have the cash to get it. Let’s hope I made some good money at the garage sale today.


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