My ebay auctions have ended. Total amount earned = $35.98. Total costs (shipping, confirmation, ebay fees) = 28.56 (approx). Net gain = $7.42. Hmm, that was almost worth it. Oh well, that’s $7.42 I didn’t have yesterday.

Sometimes Madison seems like another world. Nate and I sat at a window table at the Nepali restaurant, watching passersby, people on bikes and skates in the middle of the street, other diners eating at tables out on the sidewalk. It was just – I don’t know. It’s the sort of thing I miss about London, about Paris, about Europe in general. Being able to sit there and watch life go by, so to speak. I’ve been thinking about Spain a lot, thanks to the Picasso book. Don’t know where I’m going with that – I’ve just been thinking about it.

Somehow I ended up with a bizarre sunburn. We went to this car show with Nate’s parents yesterday – my top had a keyhole neckline, and I was wearing a big pendant. It now looks like I’m wearing a sunburn necklace. Good times. Just wish my shoulders would stop burning. At least we got a swim in with my parents.

Not much else to report. I’m working Saturday, so I have to work longer hours today – 8-6. Blah. I’m anxious to get out of here and just go home.

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