thought for the day

“time flies when it’s wrapped in plastic.” – Moby

My husband came up with some very bizarre Marry/Shag/Cliff suggestions:
Betty Boop
Olive Oyl
Strawberry Shortcake
We were having a terrific time with it last night. I think some of my responses surprised him. I’d post them here – but some of them are just too strange for words.

It’s potluck at work today – and a v slow and boooooooooooring day. Not a good combination. It’s a nap under the desk sort of day. Trying to find things to do and ways to keep my eyes open. Am thinking about kicking my computer just for something to do.

So tired of looking at houses. I suspect we’ll never find anything. Just got an email from Landlord Mark, who said they looked for over a year before they found their house. I don’t want to hear that!!! At least we’re not in a hurry for any legitimate or unavoidable reason.

Still pondering my plans for the weekend. I want to go out and do stuff but from looking at the budget, I don’t know if that’s possible. I don’t think I even have the gas money to drive to Champaign. Is there anyone who would like to come over and play Trivial Pursuit? Yes, that’s right. I’m advertising for weekend plans on the Interweb. Sad but true.


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