shag, marry, cliff

Happy belated birthday Trent. Meathead‘s tribute is much better than mine.

I’m quite obsessed with Marry/Shag/Cliff. It is the most terrific game ever. Any suggestions?
Stephen Dorff
Trent Reznor
Adrian Brody

Angelina Jolie
Nicole Kidman
Julianne Moore
Pick which one you’d marry, which you’d shag, and which would go off a cliff. My choices for the first should be pretty obvious…

As you can tell, I’m doing much better since the weekend. I’ve kept quite busy, which is really, really good for the soul. No word from Eva – but it is her honeymoon and that is to be expected. I called her from Chicago and she called me – but things were different and she was a little more desperate. Secretly I do wish she’d call, though. I want to hear her voice, to know that she’s missing me, longing for me. That’s super selfish – but also the sort of affirmation that is needed in this sort of situation.

What should I do this weekend? Sarah wants me to come down to visit her – but she’s working Saturday and Sunday. Michelle’s going to dye my hair – and Mary J has invited me to hang out. I could also use some quality reading and cleaning time – and Eva’s coming home on Friday and I’m a sucker for her. So I don’t know.

Public Service Announcement #6 :
Conjugation is important. This is wrong: “It seem like it won’t pull up the benefits.” This is right: “It SEEMS like it won’t pull up the benefits.”

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