Public Service Announcements #3 and 4:
The word is YOUR, not “yo’.”
The word is CHECKING, not “checkin’.”
As in “I need your checking account number.”

Day one of new hours has been marvelous. I went home on my lunch break, warmed up meal #3 from Saturday’s dinner, and ate on the porch while reading my book. It was soooooo nice. One bad thing is that I can’t take my 15 minutes paid and my hour unpaid at the same time – but that also means I get a smaller break during the day – which isn’t so bad.

We went to Erich & Amy’s on Sunday to look at the house. They’re really eager to sell to us – unfortunately we’re not going to go for it. 😦 The house is really nice – they’ve done even more work since the last time we were there – but it’s not what we want and we just can’t afford a $110,000.00 favor. In the interim, however, I talked to a few people and might have a friend-of-a-friend who is interested. I figure that if we can’t help them out by buying the house ourselves, we might as well pimp it out to other friends who are looking! It’s a great house and I know they’ll sell it quickly – I just hope they can do so and still make enough off of it to pay their bills and get a good start in Indianapolis. We’re going to miss them.

Kate’s site is back up – hooray! And Newman got a kitten and Sarah and Hannah got a house. And Missy is graduating and Eva is getting married. Lots of big things going on. It makes my head hurt! Right now I’m concentrating on one more hour of work, then dinner with N, Eva, Cath, and Jen. Then nap. Maybe.


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