soooooooooo bored. Why doesn’t anyone update on Saturdays? Oh yeah, cos I’m the only one stuck at work.

Game night was a bust. No one showed. We cleaned the house and made all this soup – and no one showed. I didn’t expect a huge turn out – lots of people had other plans – but no one? Ugh. And by the time it was apparent that no one was coming, it was really too late to go do anything. Tonight should be better, though. I’m going out with Eva for her bachelorette party – which isn’t so much of a party as it is a date for the two of us. We’re going to dinner at Basil Cafe, then to see Chicago. With any luck.

This summer I’ve got to make a real commitment to losing weight. I’m not one of those girls who constantly obsesses about her weight – but I’m self conscious and want to be able to wear better clothes and not feel so icky. The problem is that I’m lazy – and I like good food. Doesn’t bode well. I felt and looked so great last summer. Weight was melting off of me (well, not THAT much) – but then I had the giant crush of wedding stress to help out. I think I need to set small and realistic goals – and find some non-food rewards for when I meet them. Please, someone, keep me accountable!?!

Erich wants us to buy his house. I don’t know how I feel. On the one hand, it is v nice – 3 bedrooms, 2 baths (one with a giant tub!), a really nice finished basement, central AC, etc. On the other hand, they smoked in the house for years, it’s our friend’s house, it’s in Machesney Park, and it’s sooo close to N’s parents and sooo far away from my work, my friends, and everything I like to do. Oh yeah, and it’s also out of our price range. I don’t want to spend obscene amounts of money on a house we’re not in love with. Hell, I’m reluctant to spend moderate amounts of money on things we ARE in love with. I’m not being unreasonable, am I?

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