thanks, kids

Thank you all for your concern over my temporary disappearance. I’m still here – my settings were just wonky. Hopefully that’s taken care of now.

Last night was card night and we had so much fun! My scanner is DOA at the moment – I might try to scan the cards tonight though. Each card used a new technique – we all really outdid ourselves. Rachel taught us how to make marbled-looking paper using shaving cream and liquid ink – and embossing too! Mom showed us how to use chalks and the watermark pad. Mary A taught us about cutting – she makes these incredibly intricate paper cuttings that are just amazing and WAY out of my league. I’m glad she could come! I played with white ink and with my sealing wax; Eva brought some gorgeous papers and we all found different ways to line our cards. I feel so creative and stimulated – and can’t wait for next month!

I really want my office to be like this:

I saw the sweetest thing at work today. Inside the cupboard with the teacups, there’s a little spreadsheet taped up with all the employees names down one side. Across the columns it says TEA, COFFEE, MILK, SUGAR. And there’s ticks and crosses to indicate everyone’s preferences. They spend all day making each other cuppas and I always wondered how they all knew what everyone liked. It’s bloody adorable.

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