Tres de Mayo

What a busy and nice day! We started out at Murray & Co – this terrific stamping and crafting store right by my work. They’re going out of business – the owner’s husband is having health problems – so everything is going for 50% off OR MORE! I got some stamps, ink pads, and some gorgeous vellum. I felt pretty good about my purchases – I got out of there for under $35, some of which was Mom’s!

Unfortunately we’re pretty sure that the Harvard letterbox is missing. We found the conservation center, we walked the 1 3/4 miles along the path to marker 16 (which we could see from our car), walked the 34 paces south/southeast, found the fallen log, and….nothing! We were so disappointed. We definitely climbed all over the log, peeking under and over it. Nothing. Oh well. At least we didn’t go drastically out of our way to find it.

Oh, and the music at The Office sucked a whole lot of arse. Just a side thought there. I think the thread about the Dance Your Ass Off thing must’ve been posted prematurely – or without the correct info – cos when I got home, it was definitely gone.

Color Me Mine was fun as usual. We went there after lunch at this Greek diner called The Olympic – it was apparently voted “One of the Best Greek restaurants in Crystal Lake.” My question is – how many Greek restaurants ARE there in Crystal Lake? Not many, I’m thinking. Lunch was v nice – I had chicken salad, Eva had a chicken fajita thing that was apparently terrific. We talked about death things – not in a morbid way – in a taking care of business, what if sort of way. One of those things you have to do as an adult.

Anyway, Color Me Mine was lovely. I painted a tumbler for Nate and a soap dish/spoon rest for me. Fish on both. Maybe I’d be more creative if I didn’t stick to fish. Eva painted a pitcher to match her dishes.

We just got home a little bit ago – and there are 8 messages on my answering machine! 8! I didn’t think it could count that high. Newman, looking for fun – Mary J inviting us to an authentic Mexican Tres de Mayo party with an authentic Mexican. Sounds like fun!

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