out of it

I really thought today was Friday. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in training all week and am off tomorrow. I don’t know.

I have a real interview for Online for Business tomorrow. I talked to Luann on Wednesday – not a real interview – just for information – but tomorrow’s the real deal. She said dress casual cos it’s Friday – but there’s no way I’m going into an interview in raggy jeans or OVERALLS. We’ll see what happens!


It is Krist-across-the-sea’s birthday. Happy Birthday Krist!!! We’ll have a drink for you.

What a v. nice weekend. Amanda and I went to see The Fantasticks last night – not bad! The girl who played “The Girl” was, well, OK – but other than that, it was v. amusing. N & Joe made beer brats and we just hung out.

Today we looked at houses – we found an absolutely awesome one – but of course the sellers have already accepted an offer. I seriously wanted them to be our friends. They have awesome art, a climbing wall in the basement, and a pretty decent CD collection. Yes, one of the great things about going to open houses is that you get to snoop. The master suite was in the loft – lots of storage, a 3/4 bath, great light, and a birds’ nest outside the window. It figures – all the houses we see that we like are already sold or are too expensive. We’ll find something.

I really should be cleaning – or at least be outside enjoying the sun and the cool air. Instead I’m online looking at houses – and thinking about watching the rest of the second episode of Twin Peaks. Or making cards. Or drinking tea and doing nothing. Hmm. All those sound really appealing.

Have a brilliant weekend.

Oh, PS, I did skip the shower. I feel bad about it – but I haven’t seen her in almost a year, haven’t talked to her in nearly as long, and as she makes no effort to stay in touch, I’m not going to sweat it. We’re not even really invited to the wedding, just the reception. So I’ll save my shower gift for a wedding gift!

not a good friend

I’m supposed to go to a bridal shower in about two hours but I think I’m going to skip. I want to run around outside and look at houses and read on my porch and drink tea and make cards. Amanda’s coming out from the city this afternoon – we’re going to hang out and then go see a show at school tonight. Don’t know anything about the show – but it’s her friends’ last show at the college, so she wanted to be there and I volunteered to go along. As long as there are no dancing Incas, that is……

I put in my application yesterday. I talked to Dianne – she agreed that it would be a huge career move for me, even though she’s loathe to see me go. No one wants me to leave, which makes me feel really good about myself and my contributions to work. Dianne said that the new department is notoriously stingy – so to make sure I talked about salary because they might balk at what I ask for, but they will find out in a heartbeat that I’m worth every penny they’ve spent. And to hear that from my boss was just golden.


So I think I’m going to have a massive “going to be moving sometime in the near future” sale and I can’t decide if I should just throw everything on Ebay or list some of it here or both or just have a garage sale. I’ve moved too much crap too many times. I don’t know how N will feel about this – but I don’t need all this STUFF just accumulating around me. I’m going to go through my books first and get rid of any I can’t live without. I’m sure that’ll mean about 6 – but it’s a start. So watch this space in the next week for a SALE SALE SALE.

Feeling a bit better about the bastard people. It’s their house. If they don’t want to sell, well, that their prerogative. We’re going to a home buyer’s fair on Saturday, then Jen’s going house hunting with me on Sunday. We’ll find something. And who knows – maybe two months from now they’ll be more willing to negotiate. I guess I feel strongly that if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. And if not, well, we’ll find something even better.


Our offer was rejected outright. We knew they weren’t going to take it – we were offering $15,000 less than their asking price (and they didn’t even see the Ameridream deductions!!!) – but they were so awful about it that it has almost put us off the house altogether. She said “If that’s what you’re offering, then there’s no point in us wasting any more time here.” She didn’t even give us a chance to counter-offer. We’re approved for all the way up to their asking price – and probably more, if we could afford the payments – but she was so – blunt and abrasive that it almost makes me not want to offer. The house has been on the market since August of 2002 – they had it with a realtor and couldn’t afford the fees so they relisted – they’re already out of the house and have a new one. You’d think they would want to sell so they don’t have two mortgage payments, two sets of utilities, and especially two sets of tax payments. But if they’re not willing to negotiate, well, maybe that’s why it’s still on the market. My gut reaction is to walk away – then come back in a month or two if it’s still on the market and offer a bit more. We’re in a buyer’s market – and as our friend Tim said, we hold all the cards right now: we’re preapproved, we have a good range in which we can look, and we don’t have to worry about selling a house so we can close as soon as the sellers can.

But that doesn’t make me any less disappointed.


Today we made a second pass at the house – this time with my parents in tow. The old couple was just as nice as can be and answered all of our questions and then some. We’re going to hire an attorney tomorrow and make an offer. The asking price is $106,000 – the fair market value is around $82,000 – and we’re going to offer somewhere in between. I’m wicked excited at the possibility of being in a house by summertime.

I’m going to add a card section soon – I promise! I can’t decide if that’s a winds thing or if it should be a Vinny the Fish thing. What do you think? I have yet to really launch Vinny the Fish – I’ve paid a girl to do a Vinny illo – once I have that, I guess I’ll have to launch. 🙂

I’m still vacillating on the job. I think it would be a great challenge and opportunity for me – advancement potential, a (potentially) bigger salary, being something other than Dan’s back up. The bad thing is that Dianne has to sign off on my application before it can go to HR – and I don’t know how pleased she will be about that. After all, she did push v. hard for my raise and promotion this time last year. But I feel stuck and bored and in need of a challenge. I have supervisory responsibilities without the authority or any of the benefits. It’s just – complicated. Being in the call center gives me a headache every day. I need light and privacy and no loud Spanish convos behind me. I need a challenge.


We met with the mortgage lender yesterday and WE’RE PREAPPROVED! Since we want to keep the payments around $700-800/month, she approved us for $80,000-85,000 – but they’ll approve you for payments up to 31% of your monthly income and we’re at 17%, so I think we can go a bit higher if need be. I feel like I can breathe for the first time in a week.

So N and I went house hunting today. We went to 6 open houses in a neighborhood near ours and man, I can’t believe the difference in the houses! Two were pretty damned awful. Weird layouts, not a lot of space – lots of small rooms carved into spaces that would be better served with a few larger rooms. We each hit our heads at least once. The first house was cute – a nice basement, small kitchen but nice living room, good sized yard and bedrooms – and in our price range. The second house took our breath away. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath (with a great tub!!!!), lots of closets, hard wood floors and a marble entry way, a gorgeous fireplace, lots of light, a big basement, deck, and yard – and a garage that will fit 4 cars!!!! We are totally in love. The little old couple that owns the house has to sell right away – I guess they moved in, lived there a little while, went on vacation, and when they got back he had a heart attack and just couldn’t handle going up and down the stairs all day. They were just lovely to talk to – v. enthusiastic about the house. It’s a little out of our price range ($15,000 more) but if we can budge up and make an offer right away, it just might happen. We went to four houses after that and NONE came close. *sigh* I’m in love….

In other news, I’ve decided I’m going to stop apologizing for my feelings and justifying other people’s actions. It’s just too exhausting and not fair to me. I have to be honest to myself, even when it’s hard to say the things that are true.

Eva and I had a nice day yesterday. We went shopping – spent too much money on card stuff – and had lunch. She got a new teakettle that matches her dishes and found the dress she’s going to wear for the wedding. I won’t lie and say that wasn’t hard for me – but her dress is lovely and I think she’ll be beautiful. N, Joe, and I went to dinner, then Eva and I made cards til late. I’ll have to scan some of the things I made – they’re pretty incredible if I do say so myself. 🙂

And now, the Friday Five: 100% controversy free and terribly timely, if I do say so myself:
1. How many houses/apartments have you lived in throughout your life?
As far as I know… 5 houses, 3 apartments, and 2 dorm rooms.
2. Which was your favorite and why?
I really loved the house on Pepper Drive, but that’s just because I spent most of my childhood there. Each place has been meaningful in its own way. I suppose it would be easiest to pick my least favorite – which would be the house in Marshfield, only because I don’t remember it. I think I was barely a year old when we moved.
3. Do you find moving house more exciting or stressful? Why?
Both. It’s exciting to be in a new space – but moving is such a freaking pain!!!
4. What’s more important, location or price?
I really feel like you should be satisfied with both or the move isn’t worthwhile.
5. What features does your dream house have (pool, spa bath, big yard, etc.)?
Oh, this list is so timely. Nate and I were talking about this last night. My realistic dream house will have all of the following:
bathroom with a big tub
lots of windows
a room that can be mine alone
a well-appointed kitchen
built in bookshelves?
attached garage
nice backyard with room for a garden
Side note: the house has all of the above, except the attached garage. Well, there’s an attached garage, but it’s been converted.