more house hunting

More house hunting today – we looked at places that are waaaay out of our price range – and one house that might be just right. We didn’t fall head over heels, like we did for the one on Chicago and the one on Welty – but this house is BIG and in our price range and has most of what we’re looking for. Only downside is that it’s in a neighborhood with status TBA. Chicago and Welty are both nice, stable, fairly quiet neighborhoods. Summit (the new house) is right across the street from a hospital and a gas station – but right up the street from a school. It’s almost too good to be true – and honestly the neighborhood isn’t any worse than where we are right now. So it’s a thought.

Jen came dinner and we ate on the porch – taco salad. This is what I pictured when we took this apartment – lazy weekends on the porch, dinners and drinks and friends and books and sunlight and breeze. I hope we have a few more…

After dinner we walked to the Lindens’ to invite them out for ice cream – the four of us walked to Baskin Robbins and had waffle cones of different varieties. I had a fudge and sprinkle dipped waffle cone with Raspberry Cheese Louise frozen yogurt. Wonderful. About the only thing that would make this better is if I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow.

And you know, I feel bad about complaining my job because I just chose to keep it – but Monday is Monday, whether you love your job or not.


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