I’m sticking to the online editor. I’ve lost all my entries for the last 2-3 days – piercings, friday fives, house stuff, etc. Oh my god. I should be working on Leslie’s card but instead am trying to reconstruct the last week. I’m SO pissed.

Leslie’s shower was lovely. I felt out of place because I knew practically no one – but the food was wonderful and it was nice to chat with Leslie and Laura. And I got socks! Leslie bought small thank yous for Mom, Jen (who didn’t show), and I – Mom got two new charms for her bracelet and I got petunia socks. Hooray! If I had the digital camera, I would take a photo of my feet. Well, I’d have to put the socks on first, but you know what I mean.

N and Joe are climbing all afternoon, so I’ve been on the porch since 3, reading in the sun and drinking lemonade. I finished two books – The Cheese Monkeys and The Alchemist. Will have to write more when it isn’t so gorgeous out.


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