What a week. I’ve been super busy at work all week – all three days of it – getting caught up because Dan’s gone and we’re running two bill pay promotions at once. And today we’re running a stress test for the new system – and because of it, all our other systems are running slow or crashing. Ugh. If this is any indication of how the conversion is going to go, it’ll be great……. All I want to do is work! Is that too much to ask? I have so much to do and don’t want to leave piles of work for after the weekend.

The house passed inspection, so we’re on for our closing next Friday. N and I are going refrigerator shopping this weekend. I just got off the phone with the gas company and the cable company – now I just have to call the electric co and we’re set! I’m excited – and a little overwhelmed cos we have SO much to do.

Card night last night was a lot of fun. It was just Rachel, Mom, and I – so we were able to play a bit more than when there are more people. That worked out well for me cos I knew what I wanted to do but hadn’t actually put it down on paper. I wish the scanner was working…


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