It is Krist-across-the-sea’s birthday. Happy Birthday Krist!!! We’ll have a drink for you.

What a v. nice weekend. Amanda and I went to see The Fantasticks last night – not bad! The girl who played “The Girl” was, well, OK – but other than that, it was v. amusing. N & Joe made beer brats and we just hung out.

Today we looked at houses – we found an absolutely awesome one – but of course the sellers have already accepted an offer. I seriously wanted them to be our friends. They have awesome art, a climbing wall in the basement, and a pretty decent CD collection. Yes, one of the great things about going to open houses is that you get to snoop. The master suite was in the loft – lots of storage, a 3/4 bath, great light, and a birds’ nest outside the window. It figures – all the houses we see that we like are already sold or are too expensive. We’ll find something.

I really should be cleaning – or at least be outside enjoying the sun and the cool air. Instead I’m online looking at houses – and thinking about watching the rest of the second episode of Twin Peaks. Or making cards. Or drinking tea and doing nothing. Hmm. All those sound really appealing.

Have a brilliant weekend.

Oh, PS, I did skip the shower. I feel bad about it – but I haven’t seen her in almost a year, haven’t talked to her in nearly as long, and as she makes no effort to stay in touch, I’m not going to sweat it. We’re not even really invited to the wedding, just the reception. So I’ll save my shower gift for a wedding gift!


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