not a good friend

I’m supposed to go to a bridal shower in about two hours but I think I’m going to skip. I want to run around outside and look at houses and read on my porch and drink tea and make cards. Amanda’s coming out from the city this afternoon – we’re going to hang out and then go see a show at school tonight. Don’t know anything about the show – but it’s her friends’ last show at the college, so she wanted to be there and I volunteered to go along. As long as there are no dancing Incas, that is……

I put in my application yesterday. I talked to Dianne – she agreed that it would be a huge career move for me, even though she’s loathe to see me go. No one wants me to leave, which makes me feel really good about myself and my contributions to work. Dianne said that the new department is notoriously stingy – so to make sure I talked about salary because they might balk at what I ask for, but they will find out in a heartbeat that I’m worth every penny they’ve spent. And to hear that from my boss was just golden.


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