Today we made a second pass at the house – this time with my parents in tow. The old couple was just as nice as can be and answered all of our questions and then some. We’re going to hire an attorney tomorrow and make an offer. The asking price is $106,000 – the fair market value is around $82,000 – and we’re going to offer somewhere in between. I’m wicked excited at the possibility of being in a house by summertime.

I’m going to add a card section soon – I promise! I can’t decide if that’s a winds thing or if it should be a Vinny the Fish thing. What do you think? I have yet to really launch Vinny the Fish – I’ve paid a girl to do a Vinny illo – once I have that, I guess I’ll have to launch. 🙂

I’m still vacillating on the job. I think it would be a great challenge and opportunity for me – advancement potential, a (potentially) bigger salary, being something other than Dan’s back up. The bad thing is that Dianne has to sign off on my application before it can go to HR – and I don’t know how pleased she will be about that. After all, she did push v. hard for my raise and promotion this time last year. But I feel stuck and bored and in need of a challenge. I have supervisory responsibilities without the authority or any of the benefits. It’s just – complicated. Being in the call center gives me a headache every day. I need light and privacy and no loud Spanish convos behind me. I need a challenge.

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