Always updating. Yawn.

I’m still at work – another 56 minutes (but I’m not counting) and all I want to do is sink into my lavender tub with my book and make this day go away. Not a bad day, really, just long and boring. Waiting for the weekend that sometimes seems as if it’ll never come.

But I get paid tomorrow. And Saturday Eva and I are going to the Goose Barn and to the yarn shop and maybe out for lunch, which will be nice.

And I find myself holding my breath until Saturday because N and I are meeting with a mortgage rep to see if we can get preapproved for a HOUSE. We’re desperate for our own space – to be able to paint and furnish and reorganize without having to worry about moving in a year or two – to be able to get a dog without having to worry about the landlord – to be able to build equity instead of making a profit for our landlord. I know they say that once you have a house, you never have money again – but for people like us, people getting started, I think having your own house is the big dream. And I so desperately want this dream to come true.

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