I feel kind of weird blogging in the morning.

Thought for the day: veggie sausage is best when consumed within the month when it was purchased. I pulled the last two links out of the freezer for breakfast and they’re like eating small sticks. Yuck.

Are compassion and sympathy values our society no longer, well, values? I know the answer is no – I have had too many emails and comments since Carol’s death for me to believe otherwise. Sarah, Dan, Heidi, Ursula, Amanda, Eva, Ada, Krist & Erika, Jen and more have emailed me or left comments that give me hope. It’s just so frustrating to deal with inconsideracy and lack of compassion. I’m not asking you to change the world, to bring back Carol, to fix my friends’ lives when they have problems – all I want is “I’m sorry” or “that sucks” or “Ouch.” I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Carol’s funeral was hard. Hard. I haven’t been to a funeral in years – and then it wasn’t someone as dear to me as she was. Her best friend from grade school talked about what a gift she was to all of us – how every good thing is a gift from God and that Carol was really a treasure. She talked about how Carol’s faith permeated every aspect of her life – how she just radiated the love of Christ. It’s so true. Carol was the best witness I’ve ever seen.

But I think the hardest part of the funeral was seeing Roger. He’s in his 70s now and has ALWAYS been just filled with life and enthusiasm and cheer. Yesterday he looked broken. And that, more than anything, made me weep.


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