It is bitterly cold here. For the third day in a row, our heat is out. I suppose that’s a bit misleading. The heater died on Sunday and was out all of Monday. Our landlord got it fixed – kind of – Monday night late so we were warm on Tuesday – then he went to replace the busted part last night and now it’s broken again. And it’s supposed to get down to 7 Fahrenheit tonight. Dan tells me that if an apartment has no heat, the landlord is supposed to pay for a hotel room for the night. I’m going to call whatever governing board takes care of landlords and tenants and find out what our rights are. I don’t want to fuck our landlord – but I don’t want to spend another night freezing. Honestly, I’m more worried about our cats than us – we can turn on the oven or take hot showers or huddle together under piles of blankets. The kitties don’t have the same luxuries – and besides, they’re so small! We could just go to my parents’ – but my dad’s allergic to the cats and I won’t leave them behind if it’s this bitterly cold.

Update: Landlord Mark figured out what was wrong – duh – and is coming back tonight to put the ORIGINAL gas valve back in. That’s right, he’s replaced it twice, and the only one that works is the one that was there to begin with. Ugh.

Please bid on my auctions. I’m not in desperate need of the money so much as I want to move this stuff. Oh, and I want to visit Kate in Texas. So maybe I do need the money. Thanks.

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