friendship renewed

Last night we had game night. I made Highland Fondue and drank a bunch of red wine and was v. silly and v. drunk. I know I’m allergic to sulfas – but am I allergic to sulfites? Am worrying that my red wine consumption is affecting the healing time on my reaction. Ugh.

Got a wonderful letter yesterday from my oldest friend Amanda. She sent me the link to her new site, so I after great deliberation sent her the link to this site. I am always v. cautious before sending anyone thisaway because there are things on this site that I don’t necessarily want getting back to my parents. In this case, I know Amanda because our parents have been friends for many many years, since before both of us were born. I was worried – but in the end I said fuck it and sent it to her anyway. SO, back to the letter: “I have known you for years…but I haven’t truly known you for many years and it makes me a bit, well, a lot sad…and I really want to change that.” And she’s right and though we’ve known each other our entire lives, we’ve never fostered the sort of intimacy you normally see in whole-lifetime friendships. Our moms have that sort of lifetime friendship – and so shall we.

On a lighter note, I just made coffee with the Tim Hortons coffee Sarah gave me for my birthday and it’s marv. N should be up in a few minutes, then we’re going to get breakfast and do to laundry. Exciting times at the House of Winds.

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