So the cooking site is finally up! I worked all last night on it – and finally it’s up! At some point I do intend to duplicate the cooking part elsewhere, probably on the yet-to-be developed site I’m building for my family, but for now, it’s here and it’s fab. Please let me know what you think – and if you have any recipes you’d like to share, they’re deffo welcome!

I’m going to Color Me Mine on Sunday. My aunt and uncle gave everyone bowls from a similar place for Christmas two years ago – and this weekend, by some terrible tragedy resulting from wet hands, I broke Nate’s. 😦 I decided I’m going to make him a new one for Valentine’s Day. Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT IN THE LEAST artistic (hence the bland layout here!) – but I think I can manage this. I’m thinking about painting fish on the inside and maybe fishermen on the outside. No one says I can’t use stick figures.

I came across this article in regards to the Columbia tragedy. Moby said similar things. The sympathy seems to be the same everywhere. Everyone loves the idea of space. Everyone is grieving.

In the light of all this sadness – This site made me smile so much that I sent it to the entire department.

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