“Chapter Four: Turkish Delight”

What do you think of this article? A Labour of Loathing Let me know. I deeply love Narnia – it’s an essential part of my childhood – and I am surprised and disappointed to see it so under attack. At the same time, I haven’t (to my eternal shame!) read the His Dark Materials trilogy, so I don’t feel like I can really comment without being biased. Really, I’d like to know what you think.

Not v. itchy today – finally. The steroids and the antihistamines – plus all the water I’ve been trying to drink – must have done the trick. Too bad the spots really haven’t faded. I might have to go to a dermatologist for that – boo.

Today has been just about the longest day I can remember. We had a staff meeting – most of which was old hat for me – but that meant that we were rotated out in groups of 5 over a period of about five hours – so lunch hours were delayed and everything was just all messed up. Jen didn’t get to go to lunch until almost 3:30. Ridiculous. I made an executive decision and went to lunch at my normal time (2:00pm), figuring that I hadn’t been on the phone at all so far so my absence probably wouldn’t matter much. I was right.

Tomorrow is payday. Is there any feeling better in the world than a full checkbook and a weekend ahead of you?


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