I’m doing a little bouncy in-my-chair dance to “Love You Madly.” It involves moving my arms and shoulders up and down and wiggling and bobbing my head a little. It’s pretty fab. So picture me in my pajama pants and big grey sweater doing this little dance and trying not to itch.

Itch. That’s right. Somehow I woke up this morning covered in itchy red bumps. It’s awful! I took a shower and retreated to my bed, where I slept in (what I thought was) a somewhat fevered haze, hallucinating all kinds of weird things – doorbells, N coming home, etc. I then woke up with a craving for carrots and chocolate. Weird. I’m about one step away from asking N to lather me up in calamine lotion and diving into an oatmeal bath. If I’m still itching tomorrow, I’m heading (back) to Immediate Care to give that damned doctor a piece of my mind – the reigning spot theory has to do with me having an allergic reaction to my antibiotic – I wonder if that would count as a check-back? Then I wouldn’t have to pay another co-pay! “Yes, my doctor is a halfwit peabrain and he gave me itchy red spots. I’d like to see him again.” Perhaps then he would call me a retarded monkey? I don’t care as long as these spots go away.

Knitting is fun! She re-taught me Friday night and I’ve been hard at work since – well, when I haven’t been at work or in a fevered haze or itching my spots. My cats are quite mesmerized with the clicking needles – they haven’t really noticed the looong trail of yarn, so I suppose I should count my blessings. 🙂 I have about three inches of green! Watch out – it’s homemade Christmas present year!

There was a big old war protest out on State Street yesterday! If I wasn’t working and had a fabbo sign, I would have deffo joined them – instead I drove by while escaping work for five minutes to get food. I was clapping and cheering in my car and almost crying – though I’m not sure why. I guess I’m just proud and pleased that there are people out there who see how WRONG what we’re doing is and that have the guts to stand up and say something. Heidi and I have been talking about this – she has cousins and LOADS of other family in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East who stand to be basically fucked if war breaks out. I just really feel that we’re making a mistake by going to war without attempting a peaceful resolution. Funny that we can talk and talk and talk with North Korea – WHO HAS NUCLEAR WARHEADS – but can only bomb Iraq.


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