almost my birthday!

my birthday is next thursday! everyone sing hooray for me! seriously, i’ll be 23. how do i feel about that? i don’t know. but it’s coming and i’m excited. i know as you get older people care less and less about your birthday – fewer people remember – no one makes as big a deal – but i still love my birthday and want it to be a big deal. 🙂

today i’m going to do something a little different. i’ve read a couple of really good articles/blogs lately that i’d like to quote here, rather than adding my bit of craziness. first, a journal entry from moby on homophobia. i’ve added it in the moby section but i’d like to add it here too cos i think it’s that important:

i’m kind of a simpleton, but could someone please explain homophobia to me?
i would never go so far as to say that god condones or condemns homosexuality. i would go so far as to say that christ definitely seems to condemn violence and hate and anger and arrogance and judgementalism. christ encouraged people to love one another. so seeing as christ never mentioned homosexuality in his list of what’s evil in the world, and seeing as christ encouraged his followers to practice love and humility and tolerance it does seem a bit odd that people would justify homophobia and violence in the name of christ.
why can’t we all just agree to let adults enjoy sex and love in whatever consensual way they see fit?
and why, i ask again as i’ve been asking for a few years now, are homophobia and misogyny so much more culturally acceptable than racism and anti-semitism?
racism and anti-semitism are horrifying and despicable. homophobia and misogyny are equally horrifying and despicable. but so many people turn a blind or encouraging eye to homophobia and misogyny while decrying the evils of racism and anti-semitism.
to hate a black person because of their ethnicity is just as offensive as hating a woman for her gender is just as offensive as hating a gay person for their sexual orientation is just as offensive as hating a jew for their religious and cultural heritage.
prejudicial hate and violence are always despicable and offensive, it’s as simple as that.-moby

that makes sense. it is simple and makes sense. i don’t understand homophobia. i understand that people are sometimes uncomfortable with things that are different – and if your whole life you’ve only been around men who kiss women and women who kiss me, it can be strange to see two women or two men together. that doesn’t make it bad or unnatural or freakish or something you should react towards with hatred.

my in-laws are extremely homophobic. the things they say make my blood boil – but i don’t know how to react without giving the whole game up. i’m not ashamed of who i am or the life i’ve chosen – but i haven’t told them about it because i don’t think they’d understand. they would just make life unnecessarily harder for my husband and for me. i hate it when they make off-handed comments about things like that. sure, we call our cat gay – but i really do think he is gay. he’s the most effeminate thing i’ve ever seen – he’s just the stereotypical gay man – and he likes lounging around on my lingerie and fluffy scarves and soft skirts more than any het male cat should. but we don’t say those things in a hateful or demeaning sort of way. i just don’t understand.

this article is from slate. i read it the other day and found it very astute and (i feel) accurate. what do you think? i know some of my friends are hardcore beatles fans – others can’t stand them. i’d love to hear from you.

in unrelated news, i still have a cough – now diagnosed as bronchitis. i had a half day at work today so i got some lunch at a moveable feast – their fabbo basil, mozzarella, and tomato sandwich plus ginger sweet potato soup – then stopped at wonderland and the library. i came home to find the porch door open at my apartment – it has been blustery all day so i think it must’ve blown open – and my apartment freezing cold. i’m about to log off, brew some hot cocoa, and crawl into bed with my new treasures. the book club has chosen two part invention: the story of a marriage by madeleine l’engle for january, so i should probably get to work.

stay warm!
love – e


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