my house is a mess

my house is a freaking mess. that’s the bad part about leaving for the weekend – i come home and my house is shit. at least i didn’t have to make dinner – n has cooked the last three nights. good husband. i did have to go to the laudromat, but i really don’t mind that. it just sucks that i have to go do ANOTHER thing after work instead of coming home.
the weather was really lovely today – sunny and warmer than it’s been recently – the snow and ice were melting, which is good by me. i emerged from the basement into the light of mid-afternoon and didn’t want to go back down.
my stockings have a big hole in the heel. damned cheap stockings.
letters to write, books to read, a tub to soak in….
today’s list: things i miss about the old apartment

  1. consistent hot water
  2. doors that can lock without a key
  3. linoleum in the kitchen
  4. a pantry with a window
  5. the deep wonderful clawfoot tub
  6. being able to check the mail without really going outside
  7. shelves above my sink
  8. temperature control
  9. bedroom doors that latch
  10. memories of her wherever i look

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