new quotes. new clicks. new words. not really lotsa new stuff but lotsa stuff floating around my head. i got my journal finally – no. 998 – rachel fedexed it to me at eva’s. i opened it with a great deal of wonder – and spent the greater part of the weekend – when i could stop glowing for a minute – thinking about it. i’ve got some good ideas, i think. jen loaned me her colored pencils and a glue stick. dan loaned me his head collection. we’re off and running!
i woke up this morning smelling her – and then realized it’s just the lotion she wears that i got by mistake and had left on my nightstand. and then i remembered how good our goodbye was. and how happy we both were. and how crazy i feel inside – and it didn’t matter so much that she wasn’t there because she’ll be there soon – or i’ll be with her. right now time doesn’t even seem to really exist. and that’s a wonderful feeling.


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