i am so happy.
so very happy.
i spent the weekend with her and it was so wonderful. we both cried and laughed a lot – and cooked and shopped and kissed in the movie theatre and stayed in bed late and and and…sigh. i’m so happy. i don’t even know how to explain it. when we first figured things out, i was deliriously in love but whenever i left her i was devastated because i had to leave. today i’m every bit as much in love – and many many things have changed – but one change for the better was that leaving wasn’t devastating – i got out to my car and had to call her to tell her one more time how much i love her.
i can’t even begin to say what i’m feeling. i feel like i have a big stupid grin on my face. i feel like i’m 14. i don’t know when i will see her again and as horrible as that is, it can’t damper the wonder and joy i’m feeling right now.
we’re ok. we’re really ok.
and if you’re reading this, i’m wicked crazy in love with you………

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