ever have one of those weeks where you’re sure you shouldn’t buy a lottery ticket or go bungee jumping because your luck is just THAT bad? that’s my week. we went to the thrill kill kult show last night and i was really cautious – i set the cruise control for 67, just over the limit, and trucked away towards milwaukee. once you get into milwaukee, the speed limit is 55, so i turned off the cruise control and slowed down. traffic was speeding by me, and i sped up going into a corner with everyone else. of course, who’s waiting around that corner but mr friendly milwaukee sheriff, all too happy to pull me over for 18 over. keep in mind that i have no license and no credit card. fortunately for me, the officer got called away to an emergency and didn’t make me pay on the spot, although george said we could’ve put it on one of his credit cards and paid him back. so now i have two tickets in 6 days, probably 12 points on my license, and i’m down $331.40. this pretty much cements the ‘should we move to madison?’ debate – no point in moving up there if i can’t drive. we’d have to get a place in the city or i couldn’t work. god, i feel so fucking dumb.

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