20,000 is coming close

so i’m getting close to 20,000. should’ve been there on friday – or earlier – but that’s just how it is. i struggled with the love scene all weekend – it’s so hard to write sex that isn’t tacky, porn, or unconvincing. i guess i just tried to write it the way i experience it – and if that makes it tacky, porn, or unconvincing – well, that’s just too bad, isn’t it? i only got about 1,000 words each saturday and sunday – but yesterday i punched up almost 5,000, so i guess that makes up for it. i need to average about 2,600 in order to stay on top – but we’ll be at pub quiz tomorrow night, thrill kill kult on thursday, and i have the honors party on friday – so i think i’m going to have to play major catch up today. i should be writing right now – but didn’t want to get in the middle of something and then have to go to work. ugh.

what a weekend. i managed to get a speeding ticket – 85 in a 65 but out of state so it cost me $166.40 which i had to pay on the spot – and then lost my drivers’ license and my amcheck card at the show. i had my cards in my pack of cigarettes, which was tucked into the top of my stocking. of course it fell out within about ten minutes, so i spent the next fifteen frantically searching for it, then conning the box office girl to let me use her phone to call in and cancel it. i was one step short of hysterical. i told nate he would have to drive – and he started going off on me – so i said fuck it and went off by myself. fortunately michelle came and found me – she gave me a drink ticket and made me all happy again. nick was bombed – he was bobbling away the whole way home to the beastie boys. cracks me up.

*yawn* should probably get ready for work, eh? no word from erik – i hope i didn’t scare him away….

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