locked out

Went for a long walk with Katye today. She really is quite a remarkable friend. I’m so lucky that I ended up at AMCORE with her. She makes me laugh so much – and it’s been a lot of fun to have a work out partner, even if she is so much skinnier than I am. We’re both out of shape in varying degrees, so while she may be able to run a block further than I can, we are both trying together, which makes it better than trying alone. She is going to be my “honor attendant” or “personal diva” for the wedding – the one who keeps me sane and brings me things like bottles of water and nylons. I’m excited to be able to involve her – and really pleased that she wanted to help.
So while we were gone on this long walk, Nate decided to go run around with his dad. Fine. Only problem is this: if Nate’s home when I go running, I NEVER take my keys. I hate having them jingling in my hand or my pocket. So I got home and the house was locked. FUCK. He remembered that I didn’t have my keys, so he put the keys on a hook by our door – and then locked the front door with the keys inside. Fortunately Katye was still home, so I walked back to her house – her mom let me in – and after Katye got out of the shower, we devised a plan to get in the house. We came back over here and she tried to scale the wall to get in – didn’t work. We brought a ladder over in her Jeep – it was too short. Her younger brother and sister devised a number of schemes, including Katye standing on Mike’s shoulders and scaling the wall – nothing worked. So we called my landlord – he had keys, but apparently no keys for the front door. Fortunately, my next door neighbor Jerry (who we suspect is in a ladder cult) was out feeding the squirrels and he just happened to have a 24 foot extension ladder. He propped the ladder up and supported it while I climbed in the pantry window – I briefly got stuck – there was a bunch of stuff on the window ledge and on the window itself, which wouldn’t allow the window to open properly – but finally I got in. Nate called – and got properly chewed out by me for being thoughtful but disappearing. I was sore – but it wasn’t until I took a bath a little while ago that I really figured out why – my hips, thighs, and knees are really badly bruised and scraped up from going in the window – ouch! WAY too much excitement for this girl on a Saturday afternoon.
Here’s hoping the rest of the weekend will be a little bit quieter


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